Kak Limah Rumah Sbelah?

  • Oh Lord.
  • Guess what, I saw Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah twice yesterday!
  • I laughed like crazy man.
  • Saw with Mr. Josey and Ajeem during the day and 
  • with Ma and darling Syahmi at night. 
  • What a movie. 
  •  We (the whole family) don't usually enjoy Malay movies. 
  • Due to the baadddd cinematography and lousy scripts plus plots.
  • However, I really enjoyed myself watching Kak Limah. 
  • Especially the "jamban" part. 
  • Opps. I'm not going to reveal anything here since I'm sure you guys haven't seen this movie yet. 
  • Wait no more. Tickets are limited for night shows. 
  • We went for a midnight last week, tickets were sold out and we ended up watching other movie. 
  • My mom pun ketawa kuat.
  • =)


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