The Next Ayla Johan is . . .

  • Almira Josey!
  • Tok Mama bought her grand daughter a wooden highchair to be used during dinner.
  • But I used it to support her back during her "super private music lesson" just now. That way, I did not have to guard her from behind.
  • Background voice: Kak Wati's (Almira's nanny @ my translator. See I told you that I still need kak Wati around even though I knew that Wo = Aunt Ayla/Cik Ayla. haha. )
  • We just got back from tahlil, hence Almira in her baju kurung.
  • Please enjoy her marvelous piece of music. 
Do not ask me why I'm blogging at 0210. I don't even have the answer. 


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