No Durian Trees in England?

If in Malaysia pun climate sama dengan Canada, maka kita semua pun perlu bersweater segala. ( Azeem, guess what's the green packet? Haha. )
  • Sepanjang I di England for 4 years + 1 year + 1 month tak ada pula I jumpa durian tree. 
  • Apple tress, strawberries, raspberries, etc. adalah. 
  • So why on earth Allah S.W.T buat climate berbeza-beza?
  • One of the reasons is: So that manusia saling bergantung and interact with each other (different races, religons etc.) therefore get the chance to gain experience and knowledge.

  •  No?
  • Just imagine that we have the Eiffel Tower here in K.L.
  • Would you still go to France?
  • Some would way yes due to the LV segala. 
  • Ok fine then, imagine kita ada Eiffel Tower and LV (same price as in France) here in K.L. 
  • Imagine juga tha K.L has the same climate, architecture and etc. as what the French are having in France.
  • Then, what's the point of visiting France? 

  • You tell me. 
The lady relax je wear Saree in snow. Pergh. Handal. Cop cop cop, is she wearing Saree from The Sale?? Haha.


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