RTM Makes Me Want To Shop?

  • I don't normally watch RTM tv shows and TV3 and 8TV and NTV7 and and and etc. 
  • (oh yes I love to watch Are U Smarter Than A 5th Grader =)
  • But I've been watching RTM morning show on channel 1 since yesterday.
  • The hosts are jovial and energetic.
  • Even though they still dressed formally but I think they have improved.
  • I personally think that TV3 hosts are quite pretentious and so self conscious. 
  • They wear the same hair, same hosting style and etc. 
  • No?
  • I might be wrong.
  • However, there is a program entitled Dari Mata Ke Hati on channel hurm.... sorry I can't remember. 
  • And the host is a lady Professor who dresses beautifully.
  • Syahmi: Dia punya baju (outfit) boleh buat sembahyang.
  • I think only 10% of my clothes could be used for Solah without having to slip into a telekung (kain sembahyang).
  • Do I need a new "wardrobe" ?
  • Oh a big YES.


  1. I think Dari Mata ke Hati tu, host dia Prof Doc Muhaya kan? R u sure it's on RTM? I thought it's on Astro?
    I may be wrong..hehe..

  2. Oh yeah! I think it is on Astro. But I forgot the channel =( Baru watched it once je k.Maniz.


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