The SALE Drawing Match

  • Like I mentioned in the last post, today I'm revealing the funny, cute, wacky, priceless drawings.
The Ultimate List. These are the things that they needed to draw during Pictionary session.

No one could guess the Minyak Kelapa. Haha. Hati Mati was quite easy for Fikri eyh.

The closest drawing by Sis Shida. She did fold her paper to get the center line. Genau.

Not like Putra, siap ada line lagi ye. Iwan: Asal ko lukis line? Putra: Oh dia cakap tak ada line ke? Hahahahaha.

Ya. The sketches by our graphic designer. Ayla nampak marketing strategy di sini Yo. Hehehe. How I wish banana kat kedai segemuk banana Yo yang macam mango tu =D

Tak adanya rendang. Tok aja dilukis and Mr. Josey dah dapat teka. What else could it be right?

No one managed to get this one. Hahaha. I also don't know how to draw 'kedana'. Kesian.
Terang lagi bersuluh.
  • Drawings by Iwan, Yo, Reza, and darling husband during Pictionary dah terhilang. 
  • Sorry for that guys. 

  • Life is not always like this right.
  • Like what? 
  • All laughter, fun and love. 
  • However, we should cherish every moment, every bit. 
  • Last night, we went out for a late night show.
  • Hamek you tengok cerita hantu melayu. 
  • The first Malay movie I saw with darling husband in cinema. 
  • Mama went: "Please find out for me the owner of that house."
  • Pergh. Crita tak nak kalahkan. The husband owns a Hummer. 
  • Rumah pulak macam maze. Banyak norr rooms segala. 
  • But anak sorang. 
  • Bahaha. Mana tak adanya hantu. 
  • I prefer rumah kecil OR rumah besar biar penuh. 
  • Penuh orang jangan penuh Satan sudah. 
Have a great day everyone.


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