• It's 0322 now and I'm still awake.
  • It frustrates me when I find it hard to fall asleep. 
  • So I did google for the remedy.
  • Dang. 
  • Thousands of words popped up. 
  • It's obvious since I was looking for sleeping aid. 
  • Did I expect pictures and photos?, oh yeah. 
  • Silly me.

  • Well, reading those boring words does make me feel sleepy. 
  • Night everyone.
Glad to have Syahmi and mama around to wake me up for Subuh =D 
Thank you.

Gossip: There was once I refused to wake up and . . .
Syahmi: B bangun. Bangun subuh ok (oh so lembut lah your voice b. I like)
Ayla: Tak nak. 
Syahmi: Cepat b, nanti I nak shower. Come. 
Ayla: You pergi lah shower dulu. (excuse so that I do not have to take ablution right away and still have extra minutes to sleep)
Syahmi: Nanti lama. 

So I got up. Once am done using the bathroom, I saw Syahmi still sitting on the bed smiling.
Ayla: Tadi nak cepat. Cepatlah shower.
Syahmi: Amboi marah. (sambil senyum kambing)



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