Stand Mixer

  • I don't bake everyday. 
  • Well, I don't cook everyday. 
  • But I need to get myself a stand mixer. 
  • Because I feel like baking cakes, muffins and etc.
  • My mom has an old Kenwood stand mixer that she bought in Loughborough.
  • It is still standing man!
  • So I thought of getting a Kenwood too
  • BUT
  • I came across KitchenAid products. 
Kenwood K-Mix KMX52


  • I did read some reviews on Kenwood K-Mix but not the KitchenAid. 
  • As usual, tak ada yang perfect. 
  • Currently I'm using mama's Russel Hobbs hand mixer to make brownies. 
  • It's great though. Not too heavy and very easy to clean.
  • Or should I just get a hand mixer?
  • Well, the stand mixer can knead dough for you. 
  • (Still depends on whether you have a dough hook or not. Right?)
  • Suitable for those who loves to make homemade bread.


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