Subway. Go Healthy Bebeh!

  • Since my mom has been working out with her private instructor at True Fitness, I have decided to prepare something healthy for my family. 
  • No coconut milk, no chicken fat, no oily fried egg.
  • I'm going to prepare a low fat small portion of pasta carbonara with a foot long Subway sandwich which my baby brother will bring home in about an hour. 
  • No! We are not going to have a foot each! Instead 1/4 each alright since we have the carbonara as well.
We will be having Italian BMT tonight. Yeehaa!

  • So what's your fav sub?


  1. lama tak tgk cik ni sebab lama tak tengok mesti can really see the diff :)

  2. Give her another 2 months. InsyaAllah ketara perubahan. hehe.


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