Take A Break Guys

  • Being a full time wife working from home, I definitely have the time to blog (if and only if I'm not too busy with orders).
  • Sometimes you might ask, "Apa banyaknya entry Ju ni in a day, apa dia tak ada kerja lain ke???"
  • Haaaa.
  • Well, for your info I don't cook, make the bed, wash clothes etc. everyday. My husband does help me with house chores. Not just that, he even helps me with The Sale. Thank you.

  • "So, are you taking advantage on your husband's kindness then Ju?"
  •  No. Not at all. He is my husband and I love him to bits so why do I want to see him suffer?

Haaa. Don't forget your map(s) alright. You might get lost without one. My job during vacation is to read maps. Well it's OURS (Syahmi and I) to be exact. Kata teamwooork =p
  • The power of marriage: it comes naturally. It kills you to witness your other half working so hard to make life better each day, hence the teamwork.
  • What's gonna work? TEAMWORK. 
  • You guys should watch Wonderpets. Be it, in English or Malay. They are super cute and the song too! Almira watches Wonderpets other than Pingu. Other cartoons? I do not know. Hahaha. (Maybe she got the word "Wo" from Wonderpets. Alah, her aunt ini kan macam hyper active gitu. =p)
  • Anyway, treat yourself and your partner a wonderful getaway. Anywhere other than your home. This is just to escape from your daily routines. 
My husband is not a sweet tooth like I am. But it is enjoyable to do something out of the norm during vacation. Right? 
  • It is all up to you and your partner. Either a luxurious holiday or a backpacking trip. 
  • Cruise maybe? Or even fishing in the sea dalam tongkang ikan. No worries =)
  • Do something that both of you like and willing to experience. 

Seeee! Teamwork! Behind: Alhambra castle in Malaga, Spain.
Apa tunggu lagi?? Jom pergi holiday! (Backpacking trip with Syahmi in Andalucia)
Pergi Canada naik Boeing, 
Cik Siti gemar tauhu, 
Babe where are we going? 
Chit pura-pura tak tahu. 

=p Good night all. 


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