What A Week (SAHW, Chocolatier, Daughter, Aunt, Entrprnr, etc.)

  • Hectic days, I went through. 
  • From Subang to B.Mahkota and back to Subang and again to B.Mahkota then to Ampang and back home again.
  • Fuhh~
  • I did not have the time to comfortably check my e-mails, orders, read facebook comments and even update my blog. 
  • But surprisingly, I'm lovin it!
  • I love the "always on the go" activities.
This is a lemon white chocolate filling coated with dark choc.  I did not have the time to cut it into half so that you can see what's exactly on the inside. 

  • Today I did invent new pralines and my family likes them especially my bubbly mom and my loving husband. (Danke all =)
  • I even had a deal on a 1-year contract of supplying chocolate as gifts!
  • Syukur alhamdulillah. 
  • Here we go world, Juaini Johan the Chocolatier is emerging. 
  • InsyaAllah things will turn out well. 
  • Please help me to help those in need. 
This was the 65th monthysary (or.how.ever.you.spell.it) gift from me to Syahmi. Assorted handmade chocolates. He ate everything in less than 10 minutes! He loves the coated rice crispies so much that he asked me to make another 50kg just for himself. Wallaweyh puyau. Yang kanan atas yang buruk tu nama dia Alien. I main-main ja sebab chocolate tinggal sikit. Hahaha. 

  • I have lots of other designs and flavors on the kitchen counter. 
  • I will keep on trying to come up with new flavors. 
  • Come to my mom's if you fancy some chocolates. I will definitely let you taste what ever that are left in the kitchen (obviously chocolates).
  • =)


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