Where Was I?

  • I would like to apologize for the zero entry. Oh yes I've been busy just like others around me. 
  • I made small batches of assorted chocolates. There was a little problem but alhamdulillah I managed to come up with 2 boxes of chocolates as requested (plus other weird shaped chocs which have been given to my baby bro and husband. haha.) 
Tags might be different for each box. Depends on availability.
  • 6-pieces in gold box with ribbon and tag : RM7.50
  • 6-pieces in gold box : RM 6.50
  • I only deliver to USJ 1 - USJ 12, SS13 - SS19.
  • For those who are in other area, please do come and collect your chocs at my mom's. (I will inform you the exact location.)
  • Do not worry. My mom is so sweet like my chocs. She won't eat you. Trust me =p

  • Flavors available: Peanut butter in milk choc, lemon white, cappuccino whito, rice crispies, lemon dark and plain. 
  • You can choose any combination of flavors =)
  • I personally loooveee the cappuccino whito and lemon white. 

  • Jika ada apa-apa soalan atau ingin membuat tempahan, please e-mail di seniju[at]googlemail.com
  • * Please substitue "[at]" with "@".

  • There you go. InsyaAllah I will share with you more about me being a chocolatier. Please do make Doa(s) for me. 
  • =)
  • Thank you.


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