You Are What You Read

  • There are many bloggers who blogged about handbags, shoes, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, and even ended a post with " Oh hubby, you know what I want. Please get me this and that for my birthday ok. I'm waiting! I love you yubidooobidoo. You're the best. You're my number one."
  • (if tak dapat the things you want, then your husband falls to which place? Perhaps Number 67?)
  • Gedush. Hope you get what I mean.

  • What I'm trying to stress here is, some of us love to have what others have. Some easily get influence by bloggers. They want to wear the same outift, same tote and not forgettin heels. 
  • (mind you, some bloggers dah macam artists you.)
  • But bear in mind, do not try to kill yourself if you can't get what you want!
  • Bloggers blog because they want to share experience, knowledge and everything else. 
  • Not that they want to brag about the stuffs and the life they are having. (ke ada yang nak menunjuk-nunjuk?)
  • Be wise in selecting the stuffs you want to read. 
  • Control yourself, and be firm on your stand. 

  •  If you like the contents of any particular blog, share it with others. 
  • If you spread the words of Allah S.W.T, you will receive the reward from Him.
  • Confirm punya. 
  • I tak tipu.


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