Hidup Mati Susah Senang Ditentukan Oleh Tuhan, Azawajalla

There were times when I felt so scared of something that I shouldn't be.
I kept on thinking and it dragged me away from my sleep,
away from this most beautiful life.

My dearest brother, Mr. Josey, reciting Surah Yaasin at pusara Arwah Tok Ayah, our beloved grandfather. He passed away on the 18th of August 1997 when we were still in the UK. He was abang's companion and abah's hero.  
Oh my technology. They are referring to Surah Yassin from their respective hand mobile! Yes, we went to the pusara after we had checked out from The Legend. Oh how I miss my late grandfather. He must be 100-year old by now, no?
The weird flower.
Maka kita sering takut akan manusia lain 
sehingga terlupa akan sebenar perasaan mati.


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