Life Is About To Change

  • I have 5 days left. 
  • 4 nights to get ready.
  • 3 days to think.
  • 2 nights to sleep late.
  • and 1 hour left before I go to the toilet. 
  • Hey ho, it's an achievement tau dapat pergi toire (toilet in Japanese language).
  • =p

Unifi nak datang lagi approx. 40 minutes. Yeay! Maka lewat lagilah wife you sleep babe. 
Tak sabar nak cakap "No Buffering!" 

Syukur install lambat coz dapat less RM200 due to the free installation (promotion before chinese new year kot). You guys yang amik Unifi awal2 tu kena bayar RM200 tak? 


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