Perfect for Me

  • After 2 weeks of working with the men, I totally need a holiday.
  • I bet everyone else too. 
  • We had a great family getaway at The Legend.
  • To mama, danke und merci. 
The view from my bed. Our suite/villa/whatever it is called comes with a private pool. Perfect for the ladies. No more worries of being spotted by non-mahram(s) swimming in sexy bathing suits. =p

There are 3 king beds. Mind the mess. Oh and I played with Almira guling-guling on the floor. Yes that particular floor! "Wo Auntji ni pat dop!"-Almira.
We stayed di 8th floor di building belakang kiri (oh ya memang tak ada seni langsung building to dari luar). That building ada private pool in semua bilik if I'm not mistaken. The tall building on the right tu we stayed there 1 year ago but the room is smaller with private jacuzzi. The chalets behind me are basic rooms and some with small private pool. Simply google for The Legend, maka keluar lah room types and you sendiri pilih ok ;-) 
Oh yeah and yes we are indeed chubbier than before. Got prob with that? haha
Ayla: Almira, smile! Almira: =) Almira came down for breakfast in her pajamas.  
  • Fantastich. Gut gut.
  • Kalau you guys nak pergi holiday di sini and ada questions yang you tak nak tanya The Legend, boleh je tanya I. 
  • InsyaAllah I tolong mana boleh. 
  • =)
Bapaku pulang dari kota please jealous =p
Next time we all pergi dengan you pula.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. salam ju..
    ju dah keje ek. congrats. amcam, best tak...
    syoknye dpt getaway camni. the legend ni kat mana ye. yg best tu ada pool sendiri..
    blk msia nnti sure nk ajak abg dayat gi round 1 msia, honeymoon lg sekali...bole gitu hahaha.....

  2. Salam Kak Intan,

    Ju kerja di private automotive company. Kerjanya ok.
    Legend ni di PD.
    Nanti klu nak pergi boleh tanya Ju =)

    Oh yes, honeymoon banyak2 kali pun boleh kak intan. hehehe.

    hope you are all well.


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