What's Happening?

  • Oh yes, I am still breathing just that I'm still adapting. 
  • I've been working as an engineer since the 7th Feb 2011 at a private automotive company.
  • Who ever thought hey, Juaini Johan works for other people.
  • =p

  • The main reason why I'm not my own boss at the moment is to gain experience.
  • My own businesses do not deal with huge machines, CAD softwares, 0830-0530 working hours and etc.
  • However, The Sale and Merlins are still ON
  • Dalila Shahdan is 40% responsible for The Sale at the moment. 

  • I will keep on posting and sharing my experience with all. 
  • Oh and I cannot wait for tomorrow!
  • =D
  • Wait for my next entry alright.


  1. Wah Ayla, congrats for the work. At least who have two jobs right now. Good on ya... Tiring x keje with that private company?

  2. thank you =)
    Tiring due to the working hours.
    Hope you are in the best of health.
    Crita kat Ayla what are you up to now in Australia ok.


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