Zooper Bowl!

Syahmi in action. 

  • Last week we went out for bowling.
  • Everyone played except the little Almira and her mama + the baby inside =)

The beautiful sis Shida who didn't get to play. However, both of them formed a cheer group. Hehe.

Khusyuk tengok orang main.

In case you jumpa them tengah jalan. Takut ada yang dah tak kenal Syahmi. Hahaha. (tunjuk perut sikit babe =p)
Kak Wati ( Sis Shida's helper @ Almira's nanny @ My translator) did play with us. But she wasn't in my team. Hebat juga dia main. I sengaja pakai red dgn Syahmi sebab konon ada red team vs. black team. Hoooo.

Almira and her Wo! Wo! Wo! Ni pat! Dok dok!

  • There is a video of Almira did her bumbum dance.
  • Very cute. Will upload it later. 
  • As for us, we don't get to gather that often since all of us always have something different to do and go.
  • Syahmi and I had to cancel our trip to somewhere else just to spend more time with my brother's family. 
  • Well, benda yang tak selalu ada so haruslah di beri priority. 
  • =)
  • Sometimes you wonder why your teenage brother/sis loves to hang out with friends but doesn't have time for you and the family. 
  • Maybe because the mother is always in the kitchen preparing food while the father is on his couch reading newspapers and you are too busy facebooking 24/7.
  • So what do you expect? 
Almira knows how to read us stories (but in her own fine language) =D


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