• Went to help around at BERES by I Luv Islam and INTELEK.
  • My oh my... 1 boy took trains and other public transports from Rawang just to attend the program.
  • Bravo to you!
The Introduction. Oh even ada yang jalan pakai tongkat kaki sakit pun datang. Fantastich girl! 
  • BERES = Bengkel Remaja Super is a program for teenagers where they were given the opportunity to discover what life is all about. 
  • While the facilitators had the chance to share their experience of living abroad.
  • I did help Syahmi to lead a group of 5. 
  • Even though I was there just for awhile, I could see how dedicated the I Luv Islam team was. 

A few of the facilitators. Oh yes husband I tak sorok muka dia. Wahaha =p 
  • It's great to have "someone" who cares about Islam,
  • cares about other people and their believes, 
  • cares about the growing teenagers and their future,
  • cares about everything that needs to be implemented in life. 

  • I am just an "outsider". 
  • I went to observe and get to know the team even though Syahmi is my husband.
  • Conclusion, you should send your children to this kind of program.
  • InsyaAllah they will gain new knowledge, make friends etc. 
  • Do not worry, most of the facilitators are married =)
  • They will ensure that your kids are in good hands.
  • InsyaAllah. 
Breakfast anyone?


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