Dato', Dato, Datok....Datin

  • Oh yes most of us paling ingat those yang ada title Dato' etc. tu orang yang paling berharta keliling pinggang.
  • Paling-paling:

A: Eyh you nak kahwin dengan siapa?
B: Dengan anak Dato'.

A: Eyh you pula nak kahwin dengan siapa?
C: I nak kahwin dengan Dato'.

  • Bahahaha. Maka when you discover that your husband is NOT a Dato' or anak Dato' just after the akad nikah, what will you do??
  • Dearest Aqilah, you are the reason why I post this entry =)
  • We ( my mom, Aunt Bun, Aqilah and I) went to see Lat The Musical (theatre) at Istana Budaya yesterday.
  • Hilarious! (not going to spoil it by telling you what it has to offer. ngehehehe)
  • Right after the show, Aqilah bought a snack, ice cream with bread (whateveritiscalledIdon'tcare).
  • Gosh! And they (mama and Aqilah started telling each other on when was the last time they had that snack) 
  • and I went , "I think the last time I had this was . . . " 
  • Tak sompat den nak ngabiskan ayat tu mama menyampuk "You've never had it before!"
  • Hamek! =(

It was quite luscious! Guess what, the ice cream guy gave me durian, chocolate and yam flavored ice cream! Hadoyh.
Oh yes, 16 March til 5th April. Go and get your ticket now! Oh pernah I merungut di Malaysia ni where can I get a decent top. Found some nice ones at South China Sea =D The rest were from The Sale except for the black DP pants.  
  • Ok ok apa pasal dengan Dato'?
  • Aqilah: Cuba bayangkan bila dah dapat Dato' mana you can simply buy ice cream like this and eat sambil jalan?! (sort of macam ni bunyi nya ya)
  • You Aqilah, once you jadi anak Dato' jangan lupa Aunt Jango and K.Ayla ya. I rasa paling you tak lupa is Azeem. wink*wink*

  • Oh, ada ramai Dato' and Datin baik. Don't get me wrong =)


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