Online Groceries Shopping

  • Yes one of the things that I love about living in the UK is, I do not have to go out of the house to purchase salmon fish, prawns, scallops, vegetables, cereals, pasta, chocolates, rice, milk, toothbrush, pad, shampoo, socks, etc.
  • Just name it. I can buy almost everything just by clicking (sambil watch panorama on BBC).

Thank you Tesco online store!
  • I'm not kidding man! 
  • We (Syahmi and I) did online groceries shopping at least once a month. 
  • We would get packets of biscuits, boxes of cereals, trays of fish etc. delivered right to our doorstep. 
  • Basically the Tesco guy wanted to send right to the refrigerator door but I insisted for him not to come in. 
  • Alah our refrigerator is just 4 steps away from the main door. No hal lah man =)
  • And yes sampai depan fridge! I'm not kidding!

  • Oh we can even ask them to not pack our stuffs in plastic bags instead they will gather everything in small plastic crate. 
  • Go green man!

  • If tak caya cakap I, try pergi London and ask Tesco to make a delivery to your hotel. 
  • Confirm dia cari hotel punya fridge.
  • =D



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