Weddings & Celebrations

  • At this stage, you will receive many wedding invitations. 
  • Oh yes and as for me, I do look forward for weddings =)
  • (But I disliked weddings when I was still a kid =p. Kan Yo? haha)
This is my mom's staff's wedding reception (sorry I forgot your name. thousand apologies).  Was held at his sister's restaurant if I'm not mistaken. Cool hey!

  • The newly weds were the ones who served us?!
  • I've never been to a wedding reception yang sebegitu you. 
  • They were so laid-back and brought us cendol, kebab, cakes etc. all by themselves. 
  • (Minta maaf to other guests if ada jealousy di situ =p Bahaaaa)

  • To my friends yang I tidak dapat attend wedding receptions, I would like to apologize. Bukan sengaja tidak datang. How I wish I could divide myself into 7.
"Apabila kamu dijemput untuk menghadiri majlis kenduri kahwin, hendaklah kamu menghadirinya". (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

  • So... who is next?
  • =D


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