Yours Truly Is Unwell

  • Oh yes I slept the whole afternoon. 
  • Bak kata orang Kelantan : Dok cekak.(tak larat)
  • No?
  • Sore throat plus short coughs plus headache again equals to dok cekak.

  • Oh and despite being sick I managed to talk to a horrible automotive designer. 
  • A rude Malay guy who should be dumped into a river full of anacondas and crocodiles. 
If this guy is being rude to/towards you then please let me know. I kasi smackdown sama dia.
The Marjans pun sama. If you guys jumpa dia orang buat benda tak elok dekat luar, please inform me. Akan ku kerat jari-jari mereka sampai tak boleh main guitar. Oh confirm!
  • At the end of the day, you pun tak suka orang rude dengan you kan. 
  • So why should we be rude and arrogant? 
  • Memang orang macam ini tidak akan habis sampai kiamat.
  • No?
  • But kita tak boleh lepas tangan. The least that we can do is to educate our children. 
  • Important!


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