68th Month

  • Yes, we've been in love for 68 months and 1 day. Well there are two important dates in every month for us which fall on the 15th and 20th. We don't really celebrate like crazy but we do wish each other "Maraming Salamat Po Mabuhai Pokayo" "Salamat".
  • Present is not necessary but I did fix something yesterday. To be exact, I prepared 3 course dinner for the whole family =D Seriously, I worked so hard in the kitchen from 5 to 8pm! I had to wait in front of the electricboxkindaofthing (which I do not know what it is called, be it in English or Malay) to switch on the electricity since the terrible lightning disengaged the switch automatically.
  • It happened more than 4 times which prolonged my baking time =( I had to run here and there in the dark and all I could think was a Ju-On appearing on the stairs! Walauweyh kus semangat!    
Not bad for a first timer eyh =D Managed to bake 17 cups.
  • Oh, Amir @ Baby Boysh is in the hospital right now due to jaundice. Has been for 3 days if I'm not mistaken. I better google the effects of jaundice and the aftermath. It seems quite serious to me. 
  • Oh and InsyaAllah I will share about a test that us wives should undergo in my next post. Please force your husband to digest it as well as his support is indeed important! 

  • Alright then so how do you celebrate anything with your partner?
  • Fancy dinner perhaps or a trip to the moon?
  • My tip is, do not stop doing funky and "silly" things with your spouse. 
  • Do not be too serious and act like a mak-mak bapak-bapak kind of thing.
  • Go diving or bungee jumping together. Avoid from the wife lives in the kitchen while the husband laze on a couch drinking a mug of coffee while watching Simpson. 
  • Ok?

My tired looking husband. This was taken at around 9pm while he was visiting Amir Josey in Prince Court right after work. 
  • As for me, Bungee Jump is a big NO NO
  • Wa takut maaaaaaaa!
  • So how babe? 
  • I tunggu you dekat bawah sambil naik airplane ride yang utk baby tu ok.
  • Fine thank you bye.


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