Aura Aurat & Rumahku Rumahmu Jua

Assalamualaikum all!
  • There are so many types of hijab followed by thousands of ways to style them. Nowadays, it comes with a trend. I like the way some wear it the Tajima style however not most of them comply to the "standards" given by Allah S. W. T. 
  • And one more thing that really bothers me is, do you know all those slimming products? (be it from pills to drinks and to all sorts of corsets) The users tend to snap photos of them posing with tight "abaya" or kebaya and make the pictures available publicly. It's a NO NO ok ladies =)
  • Not saying that you should not take those slimming products it's just that lets together be more sensitive about Aurat alright. I'm not perfect either hence the word WE.
  • =p 
The once long haired "boy" and the always rambut nipis Alip =) Islam allows you to style and groom yourself but as long as you clothed as required by Islam. -photo taken from Alif's facebook-
  • Another thing that really caught my attention is: Ladies wearing hijab with short sleeved tee. Hadoyh! Yes exactly, what's the point of wearing hijab then? Just to cover your uncombed hair? 
  • Do we really have a choice of not to wear hijab? Yes we do but we have to accept all consequences of not wearing it. Again, it's like when you have a glass of Stella Artois served for you, you have 2 choices. The first one is not to drink it and be merry while the second one is to drink it and accept all consequences Allah S.W.T had promised. 

  • Alrigh alright. I will stop here. Karang tidak pasal ada orang cakap, "Apa kau tu hebat sangat Ayla??" Memang I tak hebat . . . sangat... =D
  • But Allah yang suruh I share, takkan I tak nak buat! 
  • Jawab! Jawab!
Nah I end this post with a video of our 1 bedroom flat back in Southampton. I'm sure ada yang tak sabar nak tengok video gempak ni =D Bahahahaha. (video orang 37 tahun naik beskal lagi gempak lah Ayla oit.Pergh.)


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