Being A Lady Of Leisure

  • Some of us really look forward to be one. 
  • Well let me tell you, it is way beyond superb!

  • I've been running a tiny online business and alhamdulillah it is going well.
  • But at the moment, while waiting for new items to arrive, I'm a full time L of L.
  • =)
  • Well, I tried working for other people from 8:30am til late (since I continued at home) but the outcome is = me no like
  • I could sense that my relationship with darling husband was not as pretty as before and how it should be. 
  • So I decided to quit and be there whenever my husband needs me.
  • Oh I love you so Mr. Syahmi Mansor.
  • heart.
Buckingham Palace 2010.

  • My ex-colleague was shocked when he knew that my husband has been providing me with everything.
  • Oh yes habis marriage is all about xoxo??? Haha. 
  • NO.
  • Even though your wife is making money, as a husband you still have to provide. It is part of your major responsibilities right?
  • But as a wife, be considerate dear readers. 
  • Okayy ;-)
  • That's more like it. 

  • I've met a lot of guy friends who are still unready to start a family due to "masalah kewangan" and "plans".
  • Oh yes most of you planned on ending your "single life" at 28, 29 etc. yadayada...
  • Why wait if you have money?
  • Ok fine do not tell me that I don't understand. 
  • Remember, if you do good things, Allah S.W.T will surely help you.
Yours truly wanted a round 4-seater dining table, Mr.Syahmi bought that for their home.

Yours truly requested Mr. Syahmi to send her to Aunt Rose's, he did openheartedly for 4 years. 

Yours truly got herself a wedding dress from  Al Motahajiba, Mr.Syahmi did not object.
Yours truly baked a "benyek" pavlova, Mr. Syahmi just smiled and ate sampai licin!

Yours truly requested for a splendid holiday, Mr. Syahmi brought her to Andalucia, Spain.
  • Maka dimana kau tak bersyukur oh Ayla?
  • These are just somebits that Syahmi had to tolerate as a husband. 
  • I suppose, it is part of enjoying life with his wife at the same time providing the materials and emotions not forgetting love. (correct me if I'm wrong dear.)
  • Well he doesn't have a personal blog hence... well....hmmm....

  • We had our own experience living in a small cosy home back in UK. (oh yes he tried so hard in getting the UK flat that we love before our akad nikah)
  • Yes back then we were jobless,
  • we had no car,
  • we walked to buy some halal meat,
  • we did not stay in a 5 stars hotel instead we settled in backpackers hotels or at most, 3 stars hotels.
  • we even waited for a trip to carboot just to get packets of Kinder-Bueno since it is a lot cheaper.

  • So am I a spoiled person?
  • Naahh. I don't think so.
  • I was brought up to value life, work smart on the things I want but not being 100% spoon fed.

  • So if you think I senang-senang kahwin muda, kereta and rumah semua dah tersedia, then you are totally wrong. 
  • Syahmi and I wanted to kahwin awal hence we have to deal with all of the consequences but not to run away from obstacles. 
  • If we can do it, why not you and your partner?
  • =)
Please take this entry positively. InsyaAllah I will do anything to make my friends and readers nikah awal =)


  1. im proud with u senior...baca blog akak mmg best...=)byk ilmu and pgalaman bguna...=)

  2. Jazakallah khair =)

    I didn't know that you have a blog. Nanti I nak baca your blog lah. Glad that you take my entries positively. InsyaAllah kita sama2 dapat terus share experience with others ;-)

    Again, thanks.


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