• Yesterday I got the chance to pay both my aunts, uncle, Cik Wati and Afiq a visit.
  • A surprise visit =) right after I sent Sarees to my friends at Shazu.
  • I even managed to try my friend's chicken rice. He owns a chicken rice shop in Puncak Alam.  
  • As usual, bila dah gather pasti ada food =D The Marjans memang macam ni. Terbaek! =p
  • Guess what Afiq made us.
Homemade popcorn!
  • I could hear the dried corn kernel popping in the hot pan.
  • Afiq showed me everything from scratch. 
  • It's kind of easy though. I really want to try and make my own popcorn, next week perhaps?

  • Oh, my sis in law insyaAllah akan bersalin today. 
  • Yes! Almira is going to be a sister! And I will have another sunshine which I will call him/her my moonlight!
  • Please make Doa/Dua' for both the mother and the baby. 
When will my turn comes?


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