Chocolatier Is On Vacation?

Assalamualaikum all,
  • So not! Not yet but will be. Yeay! 
  • I had a tiring day yesterday. Tired of searching for a new pair of shoes/sandals/slippers! The ones left at/on The Sale are not in my size =( Too bad eyh. But anyway, take a look at my old pair of sandals. 
  • Do not ask me how did it happen. Maybe I was just too heavy for the pair. Haha. Syahmi hasn't seen this yet. He might say "Alright, lets fix this. Go and get me some glue yadayada..". Nah, not this time kot. (Lapar)
Gifts gifts and gifts!
Boxes of 6

  • These are some of the April orders. The rest will be made next week. Oh and I have revised merlins chocolate prices. This is due to the insane box price! I did complain about the ridiculous price to the casher since her manager was not around. On my second visit, she told me that that the owner said "Sewa sini mahal."
  • Dang! But anyway, I prepared a box of 35 for my mom's friend. She's leaving for Mekah today and really hope that she could spread a word or two about Merlins chocolate in Mekah. (oh yes she does live in Mekah =) (lapar)
Boxes of 12 and 35 bebeh!
  • If you want to place an order just send me an "informal" e-mail to thesaleinfo[at]
  • =)
  • Bahasa Malaysia pun boleh. Jangan sogan silu dongan eden iyo. Sogan sogan tak dapek makan, nyesal nanti. 
  • Eden tak cuti haaa. Cokelat jalan ajo.
  • Ok bye, I lapar.
What's for breakfast?


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