House Hunting 2

  • Last Saturday we (Syahmi and I) went for a bowling game. Yes just one game since we were sooooo hungry. Right after brunch Syahmi's friends came and joined us at our table. 
3 strikes and a couple of spares. Fuh~ 

1 strike and mostly longkang. Yeah! People ran away every time my turn came. Too afraid that I would bowl them instead of the pins.
  • I even met a friend of mine whom I had not seen for ages! The last time we met was in 2005. She has a baby kid now! Alhamdulillah. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to set a date with any of my buddies since most of them are working from 8-5. Think I better spend more time in malls just to increase the chances of meeting old friends. No? ;-)
  • Oh ok ok back to the title, after brunch and all the chit chatting with Syahmi's friends, we went to have a look at a new build house which we had made an appointment earlier on. Sesat larat ok! We did follow the map given but cit poorah. The map was inaccurate! We ended up right in front of USIM. (by now I'm sure you can already guess the location of that particular house)
The dining, kitchen and one of the bedrooms. 

The lounge where everyone has to face the wall. Ok, How are you wall?
  • The house is right on top of a hill. Which I really love since dapat rasa angin tiup-tiup however, di kaki bukit itu ada rumah-rumah kampung. Don't you think it is weird to have small kampung houses surrounding a hill of new large modern homes? It is kind of unfair tak? Not that I'm saying orang-orang kampung tu miskin, just that nanti jadi macam India. A huge hotel surrounded by tents. I just don't think it is appropriate. Mana town/kampung planner ni?!
  • The show unit is only RM511k (inclusive of all furnitures). You can't find this kind of home with that price anywhere in the Klang Valley dah kan. Oh before I forget, it is a semi-D more like a retirement home. Hence the big en-suite bedroom downstairs. It faces the park, hence more wind is welcome to the house =) Wee.
  • So if any of you are interested in this unit, just ask me. Mama eden tak jadi boli pasal dio nak jugak duduk tompat yang duo puloh ompat jam lively. Sobonarnyo eden tawu napo dio tak nak pindah. Pasal nanti lagi 4-5 bulan eden pindah rumah eden yang dokat dongan rumah dio sokarang. Dio tak sanggup pisah dongan eden yo. Eden tawu =p eleh eleh. Right ma?
The Subondo family at abah's. Ma, all of us already did and will always make your house a home =)  
  • At the end of the day, it doesn't mean anything if you have a huge house empty, without your loved ones. 
Allah s.w.t berfirman dalam surah An-Nisa’ ayat 1, yang bermaksud:

“Dan takutlah kepada Allah yang pinta-meminta kamu dengan nama-Nya dan (takutlah akan memutuskan) silaturrahim. Sesungguhnya Allah mengawasi kamu.”

  • Kita sebagai anak, jangan pernah rasa tiada tanggungjawab terhadap keluarga kita. 
  • If you still have parents; 
How old are they? 
When was the last time you took care of them? 
Do you think you still have time to be with them?
How long?


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