Love, Lies & Everything Else

Almira in Tok Abah's Hajj bag. Wee~
  • You know when you are in love, everything seems so wonderful. It's like you don't want it to end. Unfortunately, some of us ended up with a broken heart. 
  • It is annoying to still have people cheating on their spouse. Who they think they are?
  • Oh before I go any further, I'm not typing this because Syahmi has been cheating on me. Hehe. Slalunya ada yang rasa apa-apa I post pasti I tengah hadapi. Tidak. InsyaAllah tak. Ke ya babe you are cheating on me? You sendiri mawu tanggung lah ya =D
Almira in S.Parade. Took her out for lunch.
  •  I've heard some silly reasons on Why Do I Cheat On My Wife. There is even a question that goes "Should I Cheat On My Wife?" This is insane!
  • The brutal Malays would say "Kepala Ho!"
  • I did ask my younger brother some questions regarding this matter but he did not give me definite answers. I even asked Mr. Syahmi but he could not find the right answers. 
  • The typical Malays would say "Alah tu lah kau, lepas kahwin dah tak cantik. Padanlah laki kau cari lain."
  • Astaghfirullah. 
On the slide. I took her to the park every morning during her stay in S.J.
  •  Bukan semua perkara pun boleh sit and talk ke. No?
  • If you find that your spouse is no longer attractive, find a way to discuss and agree on a solution. Not by having an affair with a beauty pageant! What you could do is go for a make over together ke, or pergi facial together ke, or even do physical activities together. 
  • If you find that your husband has stop providing for the family, ask him nicely. Jangan nak terus perli-perli seperti: "Kita ni nak tunggu ayam datang terbang masuk fridge sendiri kerrr?"
  • One thing about Malaysians, kita suka sangat perli. Orang yang di perli terasa di provoke. Then mula lah rasa marah kendian perang.
Muhammad Amir Zafran bin Josey Areza

  • We have to learn how to have a power talk. Avoid from screaming and shouting. Both parties should listen to each other and give your other half space and time to explain. 
  • Life is not all about you. We cannot just run from problems and leave our spouse behind to mend things alone. 
  • We need to support each other with love but not with series of lies.

 The reason why I post gambar my niece and nephew is because, cinta dia orang ini tiada sangsi. I'm sure we all want the same undoubted love with our partners. No?


  1. dont ever find how the love is,
    but become a lover :)

    ** congrates for the newborn nephew!! tak sabar nak tunggu akak punya pulak..hehe

  2. i wanna meet amir zafran!

  3. Has: I see. Is it not hard to become a lover? I punya baby? InsyaAlllah =) Nanti jangan tak datang jenguk pula alright.

    Aishah: Amir is at his Tok's at the moment =)


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