The Newborn

  • Syukur Alhamdulillah. 
  • The new baby boy of the proud parents (Mr. Josey and Ms. Shida) was born at 0725 on the 13th April 2011. 
  • I received the news while I was on my way sending Mr. Syahmi to Bukit Jelutong. 
  • Almira was so excited she even asked "Baby?" while we were on our way to the Prince Court hospital. 
  • She immediately climbed onto the bed and kissed her baby brother repeatedly.
  • Aww.....Such a loving sister she is. 
  • =)
  • Enough blebel. Here are the precious photos. Enjoy!
Welcome to the world Almira's baby brother!

Your elder sister loooves you so much Baby Boysh! (Almira calls her baby brother Baby Boysh.)
Where ever the baby went, she would follow. Insisted to kiss her Baby Boysh. 

See I told you! 
Kiss lagi =)
My Moonlight and my Sunshine =) Precious. I would do anything for these two.
Tak penat Almira pandang Baby Boysh.

Yours truly tak berani pegang Baby Boysh.
The proud father of 2 adorable kids! 
  • Oh gambar my pretty sis in law tak ada in here since all of her photos hot gila =D
To my beloved Tok Abah and Nenek in Kota Kinabalu, 
Please come and visit me and my Baby Boysh as soon as you can. 
I am a big sister now and I can help mama and abah to take care of Baby Boysh. I love to kiss him and feel his soft skin.
Loves, Iya. (Almira)


  1. so cute!mesti unc johan tak sabar nak tgk..almira mcm suka gile baby, kena careful silap2 dia dukung nnt :)

  2. Rasa nak baby. Apakan daya. hehe. teringat bau baby yg sangat best!

  3. Tak sabar nak jumpa si Comel dan kakak yg comel. Harap tak pergi Kuantan lagi dlm masa terdekat.


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