Pap Smear

  • Papanicolaou (Pap) smear = A screening test for cervical cancer based on the examination under the microscope of cells collected from the cervix, smeared on a slide and specially stained to reveal premalignant (before cancer) and malignant (cancer) changes as well as changes due to noncancerous conditions such as inflammation from infections.(
  • Pap smear allows for the early detection of pre-invasive lesions and early invasive cervical cancer. (Taken from Journal Of The National Medical Association Vol. 95, No. 9, Sept 2003 by Neeraja B. Peterson et al.)

The steps for a pap smear test. Memikirkan ni lagi buat I think a billion times! I ni memang penakut =(. Source:

  • Negative: When a pap smear test resulted to negative, it means that the cells obtained are not infectious.
    Unsatisfactory: A pap smear test result that says “unsatisfactory” means that the sample collected is not sufficient. More often than not, a repeat examination is required.
    Benign: The result shows that there is the presence of cells but these are non-cancerous. However, such presence in the pap smear test could mean an infection or any abnormality.
The nearest hospital from mama's. I'm not sure what do they mean
by Prime Members price. I did check their available gynecologist,
non of them yang I rasa boleh trust. Hahaha. Maybe it's just me =D 

  •  Fuhh~ I first heard about pap smear from Syahmi a few days after nikah. He did recommend me to undergo the test but being ME (yes the one who is always afraid of hospitals and the thought of being sliced up by a doctor), I refused. 
  • There was once, I followed my mom to a hospital in JB, I nearly fainted on my way to the ICU. Fuh~ My mom gave me a chewing gum/sweet (which I can't recall) to avoid from vomiting but I couldn't open my mouth. Numb. My saliva dah selamat terkumpul in my mouth sebab geli nak telan. Teruk betul I dulu. 
  • Now I'm better at controlling myself. At least dah pandai inhale air even though rasa nak pitam =)

  • I told Syahmi about the gynecologists available in SDMC then he came up with the idea of going to An-Nur Specialist Hospital in Bangi (the hospital I took him to at 2am when he was ill. terkebil-kebil mata eden drive dengan contact lens yang dah super kering dalam eyes. hoyh.)
  • Nama pun An-Nur so I assume there is at least a lady gynecologist that I can trust. 
  • Will see how. I haven't made up my mind yet. I know it is important that is why I post this entry.
  • I really hope that you find time to read more on Pap Smear especially to my married readers. To all men, please do not be "shy" to share this with your wife. Hey, your wife might have zero info about this. Just like me, Syahmi is my encyclopedia.
  • ;-)
     Go and get yourself checked ladies!
    (pandai suruh orang, sendiri takot =p )


    1. Honesty pays, but it does not seem to pay enough to suit some people.


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