Snow Flakes

  • I do not wish for snow flakes to fall from the sky in Malaysia. 
  • =)

The 2 fresh herbs, parsley and coriander. Oh and the tall building is the landmark of Southampton University. It's actually an abandoned old building. No one is allowed to enter. Spookkyyy. . . 
  • But I do wish to have those two fresh herbs here in mama's kitchen. Where can I get them? Anyone?
  • It is normal for someone to wish this and that. 
  • Well, you can't have everything under one roof right. 
  • Oh yes I remember that we did not even have a television back in the UK.
  • The t.v. itself is affordable but we just didn't feel like paying the t.v. license. 
  • Yes, you need a t.v. license in order to watch a t.v.!
  • How uncool is that eyh. 

  • Well we could still watch our favorite show which is Top Gear on BBC online.
  • We would prepare dinner beforehand and had our meals right in front of the Mac.
  • Fuhh layan~
  • And after the show ended, mula lah melingkor on the bed sambil I nonton Panorama. 
  • Weee. 

  • Apa kerja you asyik menonton ja Ayla oit?
  • Erkk...yes.
  • Do you have a problem with that? 
  • =p

  • So what did you do when you were still a student?
  • If you are still studying right now, besides reading Maths and Science, what do you do during your free time?
  • Do you even have a free time?
  • Asyik study ja, chill lah!
  • =D


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