Soton. Been There Done That.

  • Soton is actually Southampton. 
  • I've been to UTP, studied and stayed there for about 3-4 months. 
  • Comparing Soton Uni with UTP, so inappropriate. 
  • Ya lah, Soton Uni sudah lama kan. Jadi pasti lebih 'mature'. 
  • No need to compare. Tidak adil jadinya nanti.
Oh yes our school. Atap atas Syahmi tu is actually a lecture theatre/hall. We had our Thermodynamics, Mechanics lectures etc. there. Oh not forgetting the talks organized by ISOC(s).
One thing about UK, it is windy most of the time. Hence it is still (shivering) cold even though the sun is right above your head. Yours truly at the Nuffield Theatre. We did see a lot of theatre shows in UK. Best and murahhhhh!
Our final year group project. Super awesome gila project ni. Bahaha. Boleh buat phD  lagi ni. Oh my mom will be having her viva this Thursday. Please make Doa for her ok. 

  • I always tell my friends to grab any opportunity to study abroad. 
  • Be it, in Thailand or Singapore. 
  • It is not what cert you will end up bringing home, but it is the experience that matter most. 
  • Not saying those yang study abroad lebih bagus, TIDAK
  • (janganadalepasniorangbisingJuainiJohancakapgempaktakhabis.Bukanmyproblemya.)
Syahmi and my cousin, Muqtadir Fatah.
  • And without you knowing, you will meet those you haven't met for years.
  • As for us, my dearest cousin Muqtadir could not attend our solemnization ceremony as he was and still in Wales reading Aeronautical Engineering (if I'm not mistaken).
  • Tapi dengan kuasa Allah S. W. T., we met in Surrey (one of the counties in the South East of England) instead. 
  • See. You never know what lies ahead.
  • You might meet your future spouse in a cafe somewhere in Budapest or you might even end up living in Mont Blanc with your adopted children. 
  • (Mont Blanc is not just a name of brand ok. It is actually the highest mountain in the Alps. Tak percaya, google it yourself.)
My petite darling husband with his masterpiece in our backyard. 

  • At the end of the day, something has to start somewhere.
  • In order to drive a car, you need to know what is a car and practice to sharpen your driving skill(s).
  • (yes, the British spell it as 'practise' instead of 'practice')
  • Therefore, do not be afraid to fill in the application form(s) even though you rasa you tidak mahir berbahasa Inggeris. 
  • Rama saja orang yang tidak fluent berbahasa Inggeris survive di UK, US, OZ and all around the world.
  • My friend di Bandung selalu bilang, "Wamontai!"

Dear friend, does "Wamontai!" means "Belasah saja!"? Hope so =)


  1. paragraph last tu,setuju!
    *duk mesir,tapi tak fluent sangat pun cakap arab,tapi boleh je hidup.
    *nak kata fluent english pun tak jugak--gagap2 jugak bina ayat.hahah.



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