Spring Cleaning

  • Yes it is still spring in the UK right. No?
  • We (mama, Syahmi and I) cleaned the house and managed to get rid of old and unused stuffs. There were just too many! 
1/10 of the things that were scattered on the floor. 

We saved the good ones for charity too. But we still have not set an appointment for the volunteers to come and pick up the things at mama's. 

  • We found a few things that are still in good shape! Nasib baik tak di tong-kan aja semua barang. Syahmi and I did the sorting bit. 
  • Oh we found and decided to keep these: 
Bapak's old pair of Versace. It fits the model well. Siap cekak pinggang tu. Have you been watching ANTM babe? 
Which still has these tags in its pocket. The certification of authenticity is still intact. Does that mean I can sell this  bapak? Ok then, RM700 for a pair of used but still in great condition Versace pants. Any takers? Nah~ The model above is the new owner. You guys are too late! You should be here when we korek-korek for old stuffs =D
Syahmi even found my old (about 9 year-old) CD player. From left: A pair of craft scissors, one of my pencil cases when I was about 10 year-old, my Barbie fork and my first Fisher Price hand mixer. These are the things that I decided to keep =) The rest, chalo!
Syahmi: Where's the charger?
Ayla: I don't know. 
Syahmi: Boleh guna lagi ni.
Ayla: I don't know. Maybe. It needs batteries.
Syahmi: Oh here is the battery. Kena charge yada yada yada.
  • He was "bebeling" about the CD player. I didn't pay attention since I was busy experimenting a box of matches. Short of saying that I main api dekat living hall time dia bebel =D
  • Tengah I syok-syok lit a fire, dia ketuknya tangan I dengan apa ntah. Terkejut eden! 
Syahmi: Hey hey. Apa main api ni!
(lebih kurang macam tu la ayatnya.)

  • Eden terkojut sebab dah tua pun kena marah lagi sebab lit a fire? Not that I want to burn the couch lah babe . . 
  • Buat ceritanya, when he went upstairs, I found an old candle. Wahahahaha =D So I did lit another match. Tak nyompat nak hulur dekat candle Syahmi sudah turun. Hadoyh. I failed another experiment.
  • Well, I shouldn't have played and lit a fire unnecessarily. If terjatuh api tu kena carpet then couch then segala, habis. Sometimes kita rasa kita dah dewasa and semua akan ok. But negligence can cause accidents. Dewasa does not mean accidents won't happen right. No?
  • When I was young, I played masak-masak with my elder brother. We would pluck flowers and leaves from the garden and asked our kakak (mom's helper) to turn on the stove so that we could "cook" the "vegetables". Call me if you want the recipe =D
  • As my parents arrived home from work, kakak reported everything to mama and we got called up to their room. We were asked to sit in front of them to be interrogated and scolded. The punishment was no birthday party/ no more playing at friends'/ no tv/ no outings/ (either one, can't really remember).
  • So I ended up having only 2 Birthday parties organized by my parents while abang none, zero.
  • Ni sebab main api and degil punya pasal lah kan!

Do you guys remember pencil yang bullet ni?! Yang kita boleh main sumpit-sumpit in class! I found one and I'm keeping it =D Oh, I found a syringe too. What was it for? Can't remember doing any experiments using a syringe at home.
  • So bila dah besar ni, punishment apa pun macam boleh break ja. If husband kata no tv., I can simply pergi bilik mama and tengok. Wahahaha. If husband kata no ice cream, I can simply drive to Petronas and get myself an ice cream. 
  • =D

  • I reckon that the best punishment is to cancel any planned trips/vacations. Pergh. 

So go and "gali" your home. You might find a pot of gold! =D
And please do not play with fire even though it tempts you.


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