2nd Quiz

  • What is that white thing in the photo above?
  • The first person who comes up with the right answer will receive a surprise gift.
  • Quiz ends tomorrow, 5th May at 5:55pm.
  • As before, you can send your answers di facebook, e-mail or blog comment. 

Last quiz winners dapat ni =)


  1. ImanAqilah Tobeng4 May 2011 at 19:52

    nak try, nak try ( angkat tangan tinggi2)

    Uh, uh, uh, it's looks like a corner of a building where the rain water from the roof pipe is attached to the wall (the white tube like thingy on the right being the rain water channel) and there seems to be a fraction of what looks like a sliding door grill on the left side of the picture....
    and I'm also guessing that this picture is taken at your house...

  2. aqilah: Bukan dear =) and it's not at my house. Try sampai dapat ok. Ends today at 5:55pm.

  3. Other answers given on facebook.

    1) langsir
    2) kain ela
    3) bantal peluk baby

    All incorrect. Please try again =)

  4. i thought it's a curtain tp bkn ehh..
    hmm...a backdrop of a pelamin??

  5. Incorrect. It's not a backdrop of a pelamin =)

  6. pandangan sisi (dari angle camera yg x berapa betul) bagi sebuah tilam baru berwarna putih yg plastiknye x dibukak lagi

  7. Awe: Incorrect =)

    Updates. Below is the list pf incorrect answers I received on facebook:

    4) Tilam
    5) Selimut lembut tebal di hotel 5 bintang
    6)My baju nikah
    8) My wedding dress
    9) Skirt

  8. kalau korang perhati betul2 dalam gambar tu, kat bawaaaah skali ade nampak mcm fiber hitam. barangkali rambut orang.

    rambut tu nampak mcm kerinting. oh ye! sebenarnya bukan kene teka benda warna putih tu! tp benda hitam kat bawah tu!

    p/s saya sendiri tak tahu jawapannya walaupun pagi tadi saya yang kejut penulis blog bangun

  9. tisu kot ju...hehehe

  10. Nope not langsir and not tissue paper.
    Quiz dah tutup =)
    The answer will be revealed in my next entry.


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