Assalamualaikum all =)

Surah Al-Layl (The Night) : 1-13
  1. By night when it covers
  2. and (by) the day when it appears
  3. and (by) He who created the male and female,
  4. Indeed, your efforts are diverse.
  5. As for he who gives and fears Allah
  6. and believes in the best (reward),
  7. We will ease him toward ease.
  8. But as for he who withholds and considers himself free of need
  9. and denies the best (reward),
  10. We will ease him toward difficulty.
  11. And what will his wealth avail him when he falls?
  12. Indeed, (incumbent) upon Us us guidance.
  13. And indeed, to Us belongs the Hereafter and the first (life). 
Not that I have 7 other siblings. With free toothpaste from previous dental check-up and the ones that I bought, you  guys can come and stay without having to bring any of these products =)

  • There you go. It's not difficult to understand the highlighted words above. It's a simple rule, you do good, Allah S.W.T. will reward you with the best reward (which is Syurga as translated in the Malay version of Tafsir Al-Quran). 
  • Yesterday, Syahmi took me to the Empire Subang for a day out. Heard someone said something and made me questioned : "Why do they keep on bribing others when they are already billionaires?!" Syahmi then answered, "Tamak."
Jog jog jog! 

Maybe I haven't seen enough. 


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