Answer und French Mendiant

Assalamualaikum and good day all!
The huge white umbrella =)

  • Yes. The answer to my 2nd Quiz is in the photo above. Unfortunately, there is no winner for the 2nd Quiz. Thank you for participating. Kelakar juga some answers tu =D

  • But anyway, how are you guys today? Hope everything is fine and may you have a better day than the days before. 
My "SpiderMan". Haven't seen her for weeks!
  •  Do you remember my entry on You Are What You Read? Yes. It frustrates me to find that most newspapers, news on tv etc. are biased (influence unfairly to invoke favoritism). I'm not going to state on which side they are in but I'm sure most of you know what I mean. 
  • I'm not sure whether I know someone who is currently working in Media Prima. I wonder what it is like to be working in a place like that, with the tasks given etc. Do you guys have your own say? Like if you know what's written for you is ridiculous, do you have the power to go against it? Or you just have to obey the rules and continue writing(orwhateveryouaredoing) what is actually against your beliefs. 
Alright, enough of that. 

  • French Mendiant by Merlins. A chocolate disk studded with nuts and dried fruits. Superb! Within 10minutes, licin! Toothsome!
Dark and milk Mendiants. I personally prefer Mendiant than praline =)
  • My first trial of making Mendiants: not that smooth. But insyaAllah will improve. Oh and here are some of the photos of May orders.

A customer of mine loves purple, hence I got her these purple boxes. 
  • For more info please e-mail me at: info[at]
  • *Please substitute [at] with @.
My father and elder brother is are unwell. Please make Dua for both of them. 
Jazakallah Khair.


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