Assalamualaikum and morning all. (This will be a short one)
  • I just lost a great aunt yesterday. She had been paralyzed for almost 15 years. How did it happen, I still do not know. May Allah bestow His Mercy upon her soul and grant her Jannat al Firdaus.

  • My mother in law (Ibu) just celebrated her 15th Birthday last Saturday. Finally I got to celebrate with her since we (Syahmi and I) were still in the UK last year. We did surprise her by secretly pay her a visit with a box of chocolate and a 1kg chocolate mousse cake. 
I would say that they have the same face shape and nose. No?

  • Ok ok yeah I know. Syahmi has been putting on weight. He was a very slim guy before oh well, welcome to the club babe! =D
Like I mentioned in the previous entry, both of them are a lil bit unwell. Please make Doa for them. Thank you.

  • The SALE: Any orders placed today will be processed tomorrow.
Off to Prince Court. Take care.


  1. reza and unc johan sakit apa ayla?reza nampak ok je smlm

  2. Reza tak dapat lihat with his right eye. Abah jaw dia ada problem. Ayla dah update pasal reza in my new entry.


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