Awan Mendung

Assalamualaikum =)

  • On holiday? Have a good rest before Wednesday comes alright.
  • Cloudy @ Mendung is my favorite kind of weather. Cloudy does not mean it'll rain. Mendung tak bererti hujan. No?  
  • Perception. "Oh dang! It's cloudy so how can we go out sailing/shopping/fishing?" 
  • We assume things/stuffs most of the time. I do. I do assume that my husband knows what I want to do this weekend. I do assume that I will be punished for not feeding the squirrel and cats in mom's back yard. 
  • Well, assumption can sometimes cause arguments. So be-careful ;-)

Confirm awan mendung. People on the London Eye might assumed that Syahmi's crazy!

No wonder your wife is a chocolatier . . . How I wish we brought back one of those boxes. Bahaha and you might assume that I have a fondue fountain machine ;-)

Assuming bapak supports Man. U? So not. He's a Liverpool fan!

Assuming that I was the one who prepared this? Iyolah. Spot on!

Assuming I made this too?
  • You have the power to control your mind. Sometimes it is best for you to keep your assumptions to yourself. You never know, your assumptions might hurt someone else's feelings.
  • Assume (suppose to be the case; without proof) is different from doubt (a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction). Do not get me wrong here alright ;-)

For those of you who had assumed that I made the "roti canai", you are incorrect! My other half was the one who made it =)

I assume that most of you are relaxing at this very moment.


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