Charity Shop

  • I had awesome 3 days break: went to Sarah and Syamsul's wedding reception during the day then we headed to Akhmar and Fadli's wedding reception in Putrajaya at night. Gorgeous brides! Bravo. 
  • I went to Ikea with mama last Tuesday. Just to kill time =) No. We have a mission that needs to be completed. Yeah! 

Orang gayut tu gerak-gerak.

  • Yup they are having price cuts on certain items. Might be due to the currency exchange. No? 
  • Back in Southampton Syahmi and I had a few of our furniture from Ikea because they were way cheaper than other furniture stores. The rest would then be from car boot sales (please google for this if you don't know what it is) or a hand-me-down furniture from our friends.
  • The reason why my mom loves to shop at Ikea for furniture (at first it was only for additional furniture) is because she hates the fact that she could easily be cheated by most Chinese sales people at our local furniture shops. Hamek! (Why chinese? Because yang jual furniture di sini mostly chinese. Melayu tak jumpa lagi.)

We sent these bags ourselves to Amal Charity Shop in Gombak. We've seen the place and tell you,  they do need help in getting more sales. 

  • So we gave old furniture away for charity. Not that we gave directly to those who are in need instead we had the furniture sent to Amal Charity Shop.(click for direct link to their facebook page)
  • This charity shop accepts any items that are still in good shape. From shirts to microwave. Anything and everything! Once they have received the items, they will sell them to public and the proceeds of the sales will go to Yayasan Amal Malaysia.
  • The best part is, they come and collect the stuffs at your home! They did come and collect ours =) 
These jubah are sill in good condition. They are selling them at RM10 - RM25 each. I didn't get the chance to check other stuffs. Just managed to capture this line of jubah. 

  • There are many charity shops that sell almost everything in UK. I used to get books, albums, etc. from a charity shop. I once paid less than £1 for a story book! How cool is that eyh. 
The excited looking husband in front of the Amal Charity Shop in Gombak. 
  • Syahmi told me that the guy we were dealing with is Mat Sabu's brother since they have the same surname. So I went home and googled for Mat Sabu and walaw~ they are brothers. (pasal muka memang sama. boleh?)
  • So we had Mat Sabu's down-to-earth brother at our home yesterday, lifting heavy and huge furniture. Nice =D

  • If you fancy for new furniture in Ikea tang tang tengah ada offer ni, pergilah donate the old ones. Sometimes kita rasa furniture lama kita dah koyak-koyak tak boleh guna, padahal boleh repair cantik-cantik and give it for charity. 
  • For more information on Amal Charity shop, just click the link I've provided above ok. 
Lapar. Dah buat 2nd Quiz ke belum? Cepat dah nak tutup.


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