Cintaku Jika Ditanya Pada Bintang

  • If I were to ask the stars, surely no answers punya. I find it hard to define the word "cinta". Is cinta equivalent to kasih? So love is . . . kasih or cinta? 
I captured this when I was in Barcelona, Spain. Di K.L. mana ada ni. Spooky eyh! A creature fell from other possible star. 

  • Below are some of the situations (contoh-contoh) which I could relate to the word "cinta". Sort of, I'm trying to define it in my own words. Bahahaha =p
  1. I always look forward for Syahmi to arrive home from work. 
  2. I always have my parents in my mind and heart. Be it, even when I'm at Mydin for groceries shopping or in Egypt traveling with dearest husband.
  3. I feel the need to care for my both brothers, sis in law, my nephew and niece. (Just wish I could divide myself into 13!)
  4. When we (Syahmi and I) went out for the first time, sungguh I felt like telling Yohanis (dearest cousin) right away! 
  5. I enjoy preparing food (only when I'm in my best mood. haha) for my family. Even though I know that my cooked dishes selalu tawar! (konon dapat masinkan dengan kasih sayang und cinta =p )

Watch the video above until the end. My one and only niece playing "Cak cak" with her Wo (yeah that's me =p).
  • Different people have many different ways to express their love. 
  • Ada orang: "Sayang anak, tangan-tangan kan!" Hadoyh. Is that for real?? Cinta wife then how? Kaki-kaki kan? Pergh!
  • Ada yang: " I will die for you oh Siti Wan Kempis!" Macam-macam.
  • But how do we express our Cinta to the Creator? By performing prayers? Hajj? 
  • Let us all not forget that being kind to one another is also one of the ways to show Allah S.W.T. that we love Him. Allah loves those who do good. Why do we do good deeds? It is because we love Allah hence we listen to Him. Right?
  • Sama macam bila your partner minta tolong, you buat sebab .... sayang/cinta etc.
  • So if you are driving and someone else is driving on your right gives a signal that he wants to join in the snail moving queue, just let him through. Do not be selfish and remember, the road is not all yours ;-)

  • Kenapa I cakap pasal ni? Because tadi I purposely tak bagi one lady in a Mercedes masuk depan I sebab I dah bagi saga lain masuk (dalam hati, one at a time cukup lah!). Nak buat ceritanya, bila sampai SS19, ada satu backhoe muncul depan I. When I wanted to overtake it, none of the fast moving cars in the lane next to me allowed me to. Pergh! 
  • Hamek Ayla! Allah balas terang tang tang.
  • Syabas you backhoe!

Muka Juaini Ayla Johan yang bersalah.

Post office here I come! Lapar.


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