Dr. House at Prince Court Medical Centre

Assalamualaikum and good morning all.
I met Prof. Dr. Muhaya Mohamad yesterday and we did exchange smiles. 
hehe =D
She is indeed a beautiful lady.

  • So we (Mr. Josey and I) stayed at the hospital for nearly 7 hours yesterday. The elder brother of mine underwent a few vision tests since he couldn't see anything on the top right quadrant of his right sight. 
  • After about 3 hours, the ophthalmologist suggested for MRI scan since she couldn't detect the swollen blood vessel or nerve. Mr. Josey told me and we started to relate the situation with the House series.

Ayla : Did you watch House yang ada this lady kena MRI scan?
Mr. Josey: Which one eyh?
Ayla : She didn't tell anyone that she had nuts in her legs. Masuk room scan tu terus melecur her legs.
Mr. Josey: Ye lakan. MRI got something to do with magnetic. So nuts tu je yang nak ikut magnet but not her legs.
Ayla : But then kenapa tak keluar je nuts from her legs? Kenapa mesti melecur?

Then both of us bantai gelak sebab theory macam tak relevant. 

  • When Mr. Josey told me that Dr. Tan suggested MRI scan, the first word that came into my mind was tumor. Sungguh berdenyut jantung ku. At that moment I could sense that there were a lot of things juggling inside Mr.Josey's head. 

Ayla: Nervous?
Mr. Josey: Tak. Excited nak try MRI scan. =) (sort of macam ni lah dia jawab)

Mr. Josey before the MRI scan.

  • From 4pm to 7pm, all we could think of was worst case scenarios. What if this and that, this and that. Mulut, hati, jiwa, and raga berdoa saja. 
  • When the scanning session ended, Dr. Tan came to us and delivered the result.
Dr. Tan: We can't find anything from the MRI scan. It is clean. I did spoke speak to Dr. Muhaya and she also recommend for the scan. I had already got the papers ready to pass you to a neurologist since we suspected that you have a tumor. But there is no tumor. We need to do more tests and would like to keep you under supervision in case of bleeding . . . yada yada yada.

  • Confirm lah I tercengang! So my initial thought is indeed correct! ie. got the word "tumor" came out from Dr. Tan. Hergh! So my dear brother will undergo more tests today. Lets all pray to Allah that the doctors will be able to detect the root before it gets worse.

The comot Almira. She took away all my worries. I'm glad to see her after the long hours at the  hospital. 

Yeah people, get ready, be ready. You never know when you or your loved ones will be sick. Spend sometime to think. What life is all about? Is it all about you? 


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