Islamic School For Your Kids?

Assalamualaim y'all! 

  • I attended a talk by Ustaz Hasrizal last Sunday. He talked about Islamic School for Children. It went well and was a great talk, discussion and sharing session.
  • I found a video on youtube. Quite an intense one. Hope you have the time to watch this short clip.

  • Repudiate = Refuse to accept or be associated with.
  • There is no other version with Dr Sumaya Alyusuf wearing a hijab therefore greatest apology to those yang nak marah I letak orang tak tutup aurah/t.
  • If you were Dr Sumaya, how would you react?

This shows the importance of reading the whole story in the Al-Quran rather than quote a few verses/sentences to your liking!

  • It upsets me to find people who deliberately trying to find fault (unsatisfactory feature in a piece of work) in Islam. 
  • The white guy said: "... doing allowing racist nonsense like this inside?" Pasal tu boleh cakap ajar budak jadi racist (discrimination or prejudice based on race). First of all, Judaism and Christianity tu race ker religion? If religion discrimination boleh tahan juga ya. 

  • Ustaz Hasrizal shared: Tempatkanlah anak di Islamic School yang bukan menjadikan academic the top most priority instead biarlah akhlak anak-anak didahulukan. 
  • Make sense. Once anak kita ada akhlak mantap, mesti dia boleh interpret verse yang ada pigs and monkeys tu dengan sempurna. 
  • InsyaAllah. 


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