Assalamualaikum all =) Chill?

  • Yes. I rasa shopping tu berjangkit. Not that when you see people shop you pun terasa nak shop BUT dia berjangkit in the sense of:
  1. Bila beli skirt, mula nak cari baju yang match.
  2. Bila beli baju yang dah matching, nak pula beli head scarf. 
  • From just a piece of skirt, you ended up buying 2 more things. 
  • So today I would like to share with you a few ways/steps to avoid from an  impulse purchase / impulse buy.
  • Just like this Hermes parfum. Once you have a bottle of this, it will drag you to Hermes purses, sandals and handbags. Haiyaaaa. Would like to own this Hermes A Garden After The Monsoon parfum? Simply click here. This will cost you RM385 if you purchase it directly from Hermes. Dekat The Sale only RM260 (of course original ;-)).
  • Impulse buy : an unplanned decision to buy a product or service, made just before a purchase. (ah lupa amik definition ni dari mana. Sorry.)
 Baik, cara-caranya ialah:
  1. Ditch your credit card(s). Pergi shopping jangan bawa credit dan debit card. Ini kerana ramai yang keep on beli sebab rasa secure duit sentiasa ada di sisi. Next time bawa cash sahaja. Lagi best if you dah tahu harga barang yang you nak beli tu, then bawa extra RM30 at most (just incase balik kena naik cab).
  2. Sentiasa fill your free time dengan pergi menziarah relatives, friends or those who are in need. This will cause you to not have time at all untuk pergi shopping.Senang?
  3. Always bring a companion who dislikes to spend time shopping.This way, dia pasti nak balik cepat hence you have less time to browse through for other unnecessary items. 

See, I told you so ;-)

    • I don't want to mention about think of your savings etc. because I know you are smart enough to take it into account before you start shopping. 
    • As for me, I have trained myself to only buy stuffs that I need =) Alhamdulillah and InsyaAllah it will remain that way. If I don't need anything, I won't spend my time at shopping malls instead I will force Syahmi to play Scrabble with me. Bahaha. But most of my weekends are packed with activities. 
    • Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterward (Rebecca Black taught me this ;-)) therefore I wish you all the best.
    • ;-)
    It's Friday, Friday, got to get down on Friday! 
    (Rebecca Black again)


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