Jika Itu Yang Terbaik, Maka Aku Sahut

  • At certain points in my life, I have to make decisions. So do you. Some are quite difficult to be made while some are so easy peasy morning glory~ Being a wife to an adorable guy makes decision making a lot easier ;-) 
  • I went for an interview yesterday (ok bapak, sorry tak bagi tahu sebabnya entah. hehe.), and oh my the interviewer was so niiiicee and he went "Juaini, this job requires you to work late at night. Do you think you can do shifts?" I couldn't find the right words hence ternganga mulut eden. "Do I have to answer that right now? I need to discuss this matter with my husband." Then he went, "Oh yeah sure. You can let me know later alright.
  • Sort of macam tu lah bunyi nya ya.
Darling husband who was still working even on holiday. He forbade mama from bringing her  laptop but he was the one busy working on Azeem's. Haiya~

  • Cheeky of me to secretly called the company and showed interest in the job without informing Syahmi in the first place. He just grinned and said "Wow!" to the pay. Well after all it is a 1 year contract post hence the high pay. So he allowed me to attend the interview but then I started to develop a negative feeling.
  • Maka I asked Syahmi to make Doa : 
Jika ini yang terbaik untuk I, maka buatkan lah hati I nak pergi interview. 
If it is not the best for me, then palingkan hati I dari interview tu.

  • So when the interviewer asked me the question on working late at night segala, mula lah I rasa macam tak berjaya. But surprisingly, I was and am still not upset about it! This is because I had the chance to meet 3 "beautiful" men during the interview. We instantly became friends! 
  • Do not get me wrong about the beautiful thinggy, I was really amazed on the beauty of Allah S.W.T. He sent me 3 different men at the same time for me to realize that there are more than just an interview. 

Allah sent me this guy supaya boleh use him dalam my experiments. Hehehe. 
  • I don't usually get to grab the positive side of everything instantly but I managed to do so yesterday. MasyaAllah. I learnt a lot from them and hope they did learn something from me. I admire their effort and strength to find jobs. One of them sudah lama tidak pulang ke kampung (Kelantan) kerana kerja di kedai computer. Sacrifice dowh!  
  • Have I done enough for my family? Ma? Abah? Babe? I might not bringing home lots of money, instead I bawa cinta kan? Ada rasa? Hahahahaha.

  • Dah dah dah Ayla. Focus dekat The Sale and Merlins dulu. Ni tamak. 

Should I be a teacher? 


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