Assalamualaikum and morning all =)
It's raining, raining, got to go to sleep when it rains (Rebecca black style please). 

  • With a mug of hot chocolate on my table, I read the news about a boy who claimed that he was sodomized by his senior at a Maahad Tahfiz Al-Quran. Pergh. Read here.
  • This is one of the reasons why I have plans for my children to be home-schooled. But when my husband and I come to think again, our children won't have any friends and they won't know what world is like with different types of people.
  • Well I didn't raise this matter to my mom but she did suggest her friend's Independent School, Adni Islamic School (yes they have O-Level).
  • You see, it is crucial for us to send our kids to a great school. A great school does not mean an expensive one. We should engage with the school itself, teachers and our kids' friends. With this, we will be able to track and prevent negative stuffs from happening to our kids. 
  • Is it that simple? The answer is NO

Unbelievably we drank litres of water everyday when we were in Egypt.
Most of the water came out as sweats hence we only went to the toilet twice a day!
Thirst for knowledge: A generation that we should be creating. 
  • Paranoia = suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification.
  • I don't want to be a paranoid! and  I don't want to send my kids to a school with a paranoid individual! 
I attended an English school back in 1997. I didn't bring home any homework instead, I brought home stories for my mom to listen! The year was a splendid one and I loved the school. I was the "bright" one in class, got selected to join the school "orchestra" and had many English friends (we even extended our play time at my house, playing with Barbie dolls =)). I was the only Malay who went camping and involved in most school activities. It was the ambience, system and people that made me loved my school.

  • But once I'm home (Malaysia), it's totally a different story.
  • I hated homework, skipped classes (especially Physics class) and wished there was no school the next day. I started to miss England and prayed hard to be able to live there again. Allah S.W.T. listened to my prayers and gave me 4 more years in England (a year with darling husband.hehe.). Alhamdulillah. 
  • Not that am saying English school is the most perfect school on earth. NO. During my time there was no Islamic Studies. 
  • It is important for our children to know Islam and be well-rounded Muslims. No? 
Should I have plans on sending my kids to Alexandria, Cape Town or Cairo to study Islam?
Apa yang penting? (Kerjasama! -Wonderpets) Ada baby dulu la doi!

  • Budak yang buat jahat to his junior tu paranoid? Kan best kalau kita tahu apa budak tu fikir. Can someone please interview si senior tu. Nak juga tahu kenapa dia sanggup buat macam tu. Buat pengajaran.
  • May Allah S.W.T. leads all of us to the right path. 

Oh Ayla, jangan jadi paranoid sampai tak hantar budak ke sekolah.



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