Toothsome Food!

Assalamualaikum and morning all (even though now is 0007 hour)

  • I just got back from the hospital (not really just. About 15 minutes ago). Intended to stay until 0000 hour but we (Syahmi and I) have been yawning since 10pm.
  • Mr. Josey is getting better but he needs to undergo 2nd MRI orbit test tomorrow at around 9am. This is due to the hidden swollen nerve and the doctor is avid for the answer. 
  • We had dinner together since I prepared and brought fried rice vermicelli with chicken. Not forgetting a container of prawn fritters. While eating, we had a discussion on why Mr. Josey needs to reduce carb intake. 

Our very own Salmon Pizza. I just can't say NO to pizza, cakes and brownies. Be it, vege pizza or just plain Margherita Pizza. Please help me =( 

  • I still do not know what to prepare for tomorrow. I was thinking of making chicken soup but Mr. Josey dislikes chicken soup. Oh and it has to be white meat. But Mr. Josey prefers dark meat. Hoho. 
  • So I did google for chicken soup recipe but found one that contains AJINOMOTO. It's a big NO NO for us. We don't use Ajinomoto in our cooking. Mom says it is unhealthy. No?
My very own vegetable soup. I love this! Oh can you see pieces of fish crackers (keropok) in it?
  • Some say that you are what you eat. Some say "Just eat anything and everything!" Some say "Watch what you eat." Well, I'm a sweet-tooth does that make me look sweeter than you? Bahaha. (oh muka I memang serious. Tak sweet pun.) Acah-acah.
  • I need to start a natural healthy diet program. Some say "A healthy diet is built on a base of regular exercise." Oh alright. I do exercise at least 3 times a week now. InsyaAllah will continue doing so. Payah betul nak istiqamah. 
  • Alright alright. So to be healthy, it is not just about the type of food we consume but it needs physical activities (exercise) as well. Fuh~
  • If makan sawi sambil jogging setempat boleh?
  • =D
  • Confirm kena libas dengan pedang.

Please use Olive Oil instead of normal vegetable oil. Google for the benefits. And do you know most condensed milk that people normally use to pour on puddings etc.? It is actually not milk but it is Minyak Sawit
ish ish ish 


  1. Ju, leen ni. Been following for the past few days - dah few months jugak tak bukak tapi leen dah habis baca semua entry :) suka baca, rasa dekat =)

    Syafakallah untuk Abang Ju.


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