Birthday: The Day We Are Equal

Assalamualaikum all.

  • It was Syahmi's ** birthday yesterday. Yeay we are the same age! (Not a big deal pun =p) He took me out for a dinner at Belanga in Empire Subang. He ate a cow! Wo! (Erk not forgetting me . . .) Nasi dagang, Laksam, Ais Teller, Hot Barley and Lompat Tikam for dessert. Fuh~
  • Erkk so who is actually the Kelantanese? =p 
  • Then we continued celebrating at home, with the rest and "The Most Luscious Cake" baked by Uchop. Yes I literally asked him to bake Syahmi the most luscious cake he ever made. So he suggested strawberry cheese with chocolate cake. Fuh~ 3 in 1. Great job Uchop. 

The Most Luscious Cake by Uchop

  • To babe: Again, Happy Birthday =) I'm not in the stage of being poetic hence I do not have any exquisite poems or wishes for you. But I'm sure you know how much ich liebe dich. Oh and I felt like it was my birthday yesterday, with the rose and dinner etc. Merci love =)
The trick to appear slimmer is to hide behind others. Blah! =D
Azeem: Knapa Kekla pandang bawah?
Ayla: You lambat.
  • Oh and on Yahoo! news, Kanya West has the same birthdate as Syahmi's. No wonder macam nak serupa ya babe =p Oh I googled for your signs of Zodiac and I found:

Your element: Air
Your ruling planets: Mercury
Symbol: The Twins
Your stone: Aquamarine
Life Pursuit: To explore a little bit of everything.
Vibration: Intense mental energy
Gemini's Secret Desire: To be ahead of the crowd 
By Athena Starwoman

  • Lets see what's mine. Are we a good match? Ngehehehe. 

Your element: Fire
Your ruling planets: The Sun
Symbol: The Lion
Your stone: Peridot
Life Pursuit: To lead the way
Vibration: Radiant Energy
Leo's Secret Desire: To be a star 
By Athena Starwoman

  • how do you tell ? Syahmi's Vibration is "Intense Mental Energy" but mine is just "Radiant Energy". Does that make me less productive than him? Haha. Whatever~ It has been quite awhile since I last read Signs of Zodiac. Dato Fadhilah Kamsah used to come to my school and talked about this. I should have paid more attention rather than eyeing on those who went against the rule. (Pasal you guys lah I tak focus! Ok fine tahnk you bye salah sendiri.)
  • Well, can you really trust these signs? Syahmi's life pursuit is quite true though. He loves to explore a little bit of everything. He even advised me to try everything while I'm still young. With him being the Water while I'm the Fire (which is super true), that makes us a perfect match don't you think? =D Oh and I'm the Sun that brightens up your planet. No? I lit up everyone else's too!
  • Wallahualam.

So what's your Zodiac? 

Toothsome =D
Strawberry flavored praline is in the house y'all!
  • A short one: Would like to inform all that we (Merlines Chocolates) do not do delivery for order less than 50 boxes. Gracias, Merci und danke.
Mom's home. Yeay!


  1. well babe, according to (literally) rocket scientists, the sun is getting bigger and it's eating the nearest planet, guest which planet is that.

    i don't know whether it applies to our life or not:p

    don't eat me ya babe

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. It is Mercury right?
    So get ready man!

    "I'm an alien and I want to eat you tonight!" <<ingat ni?

    I bet it is a typo "guest" (guess) kan?? hehe.


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