Family Day

  • I never had this kind of a family day before. It was a huge one with all sorts of games.
  • Me like =) After all, both of us have been working very hard last week hence we deserved the enjoyment.  
  • To the pakatan keluarga, you are welcome to save any of the photos below. 
  • I'm too tired to bebel today hence, Enjoy! =D
Helping Atikah to stick photos of her family on the cardboard. 

This is what we do best! Chit chatting =) Sabrina made all of us glued to her story. 
My mother in law. You see the guy in blue? He was as quiet as a mouse all the way but he loved to be captured on camera =D (yeah he would appeared quietly behind other people. hehe)

The tembam husband of mine, Haiqal and Kak Nor. Amboyh! =D

See I told you! alright let me try this, this is Hasbi kan? I selalu confuse between Hasbi and Hatta. They both look a like! Nak nak Pak Cik Nasir's daughters. I took a lot of time to recognize their own trademarks. 
Again, Syakir (the guy in blue) ada dekat belakang. haha. Alright, this was taken after  the water balloon game ended.
Ok I kalah. Pergh! Well, none of the Borhans won though =p

The ones who participated in games! Yeehaa. 
Atok Borhan. 
Bowling. Ok kalah lagi.

We ended our "play time" with Klebang coconut shakes.
 Oh yes, we met Shaheizy Sam and his mother at the stall. 

  • How was your weekend?
  • Gut?
Some of the orders in June. If nak order this week, tinggal boleh self collect on Friday sahaja.
Wednesday and Thursday fully booked.
Thank  you for supporting Merlins Chocolate.
JazakAllah Khair =)

Oh tummy ache.


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