Hanya Perasaan or It Is Indeed Empathy?

Assalamualaikum =)
How was your weekend?

  • Right after I'm done taking ablution for Maghrib prayer, these questions came into my head:
How exactly our parents feel when we ask them for things and they can't afford to purchase?
How do aunties and uncles feel when their niece/nephew calls for her/his deceased parents?

  • Oh and I JUST empathized (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another) with the parents' fear of not being able to provide even though I'm not yet a mother. 
  • And you know, when we watch movie and this little kid was left alone searching and asking for his dead parents, some of us just failed to share the feelings. Well, I JUST had the chance to empathize (just that the characters are still alive. hehe. Alhamdulillah.).
It has been a while since she last buat her "muka garang" without me asking. Hoho.

Al-kisah Juaini Johan:
I went out with Almira and the rest. While her parents and grandparents were busy browsing through stuffs, I took care of her. After she had done arranging flip flops in a sports shop, she came to me and said "Tok Abah? Nenek?" 

Her grandparents had left the shop while she was busy playing with flip flops.So I brought her out of the shop to search for her Tok Abah and she was soooo excited that she repeatedly said "Jom! Jom! Jooommm!" but her Tok Abah was nowhere near to be seen. I took her back into the sports shop and told her that I'm going to call her Tok Abah.

So quietly she sat on my lap waiting. Just when I wanted to dial Tok Abah's number, I received a text regarding my business. Oh and I did read and reply the text first. Just when I wanted to type in the last few words, Almira said, "Tok Abah . . . "With her super sad tone, it hit me right to my heart.

Such sweet smile you have little Almira Alhassan Alayoubi!

  • Alhamdulillah her grandparents are still alive, boleh juga ikhtiar cari sampai jumpa.
  • It is quite difficult to make others understand and able to share the exact true feelings by mere words. I do believe that empathy does help one to become a better person, if and only if he/she allows it to happen. No?

  • Most of us learn from own experience and the experienced people. From there, we are able to make wiser decisions. Therefore this is one of the reasons why we should live as a community so that we can learn from each other. Insyha Allah.
And little baby Amir was left at home. Bite you botak!

  • Oh and do you know a tv show called Adik & Al-Quran on TV9? I find it very interesting, enjoyable and informative! I do not know whether setiap hari ada or just on Monday morning at 8:30am. 
  • Tadi dia tafsir Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 204. Please check this ayat. Macam ada kenal orang yang disebut dalam ayat tu tak? 
What's for dinner?


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